Research groups


The Aragona Group

Tissue architecture

The Aragona group aims to understand how neighboring cells coordinate their decisions to build tissues with specialised structure and function. 

The Brickman Group

Transcription, Potency and Patterning

The Brickman group aims to understand the transcriptional basis for early embryonic lineage specification.

The Jensen Group

Cell fate control during development, homeostasis and disease

The Jensen group aims to understand how stem cell fate is controlled at the molecular level during development and tissue homeostasis, and in disease. 

The Kirkeby Group

Human Neural Development

The Kirkeby group studies the factors involved in human neural subtype specification in order to enable production of specific neurons for understanding and treating neurological diseases.

The Little Group

Kidney development

The Little group investigates the molecular and cellular basis of normal kidney development in order to recreate human kidney tissue using stem cells. These stem cell-derived kidneys are then used to model disease and regenerate tissue for therapy.

The Sedzinski Group

Mechanics of Tissue Homeostasis

The Sedzinski group aims to understand the mechanics of epithelial tissue homeostasis and morphogenesis. 

The Serup Group

Developmental Biology of The Pancreas

The Serup group aims to understand the developmental biology of the pancreas through the study of signaling events that regulate growth and differentiation of pancreatic cell types.

The Żylicz Group

Early Development and Epigenetic Regulation

The Żylicz group aims to understand how metabolic and epigenetic mechanisms cooperate to regulate transcription during early development.


For the delivery of socially robust stem cell medicine

The PREPARE node of reNEW in Copenhagen seeks to ensure socially robust stem cell treatments