22 March 2024

250 high school students attended UniStem Day

Public Engagement

250 high school students attended reNEW Copenhagen’s UniStem Day at Panum, University of Copenhagen.

The students explored more about what stem cells actually are and heard about the research being done on the gut, lungs, and brain by Professor Kim Jensen, Associate Professor Jakub Sedzinski, and Associate Professor Agnete Kirkeby from reNEW Copenhagen.

The ethical nature of our research was emphasized by Professor Klaus Høyer, who is part of PREPARE Copenhagen. He discussed challenges such as managing hope, and how stem cell information reaches the public.

Finally, Oscar Axelsen, research assistant in the Aragona Group, explained how he got involved in stem cell research, and why this is so fascinating.

All researchers were asked a lot of good questions, and were interested in how the every day life of a researcher looks like.

One of the students said: ‘Stem cell research is a thing that in the media has been portrayed to be a controversial subject, but actually learning about it and its usefulness is extremely insightful.’