The Partnership

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reNEW is based on a three-way international partnership between the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Leiden University Medical Centre, the Netherlands, and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Australia.

Together, these three sites combine to provide research excellence as well as opportunities and experience around stem cell disease modeling for drug development, cellular therapies for tissue regeneration, and regenerative medicine. The partners mutually reinforce and synergistically support the required elements for translation in stem cell medicine: excellence in basic science, capacity building and training, state of the art research infrastructure, clinical and commercial translation capacity, and public engagement. In particular, the involvement of these partners ensures a capacity to address childhood and adult disease, pluripotent and tissue stem cell products, and all other areas of stem cell medicine.

The formation of such a partnership underpins the strategy of reNEW, by enabling increased critical mass and an immediate diversification of technologies, areas of disease focus, and translational experience.


The partnership is headed by Professor Melissa Little, a recognised leader in the stem cell field who has contributed important knowledge on potential regenerative therapies for kidney disease. Professor Little is also President of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR).

The Node Director of reNEW in Copenhagen is Professor Kim Bak Jensen, who also heads the Jensen Lab that currently aims to provide an increased understanding of the gene regulatory networks that control stem cell fate using the intestinal epithelium and the skin epidermis as model systems.

Read more about the leadership and organisation of reNEW at the University of Copenhagen here.