17 March 2023

reNEW's first global UniStem Day

Public Engagement

reNEW Copenhagen hosted about 450 curious high school students at the University of Copenhagen during UniStem Day 2023.

Various lectures mixing stem cell biology and the ethical aspect of stem cells treatments were held by Professor Kim Jensen, Associate Professor Jakub Sedzinski, Associate Professor Agnete Kirkeby, and Professor Klaus Høyer. In addition, PhD student Amalie Holm explained how she decided to work with stem cell research.   

Based on the many sophisticated and curious questions from students, we discovered that they were interested not only in stem cell biology, but also in how we can analyse the societal implications of science.  

To give you a sense of their experiences of the day, we spoke with a few of them: 

 ‘I liked that there were different people with different perspectives on stem cells. I learned a lot about how many options we have with stem cells.’ 
‘Pretty much most of it was new to me. About how the stem cells are used to progressively make skin, for example, and are actually able to cure a disease where the skin falls off. I’m not going to study science, but it is interesting and valuable to know about this nonetheless.’  
‘The speakers were really good and made the topic really interesting!’